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Big Drop Taste Pairings Series - Paradiso Citra IPA

March 06, 2023

Big Drop Taste Pairings Series - Paradiso Citra IPA

Beer has been the drink of the masses for many centuries. And as time has progressed, beer has changed and adapted to the tastes of the people at the time. Here at Big Drop we are dedicated to making delicious craft beer, that just happens to be non-alcoholic. While there is nothing better than a pint by itself on a hot day, we do have to admit that with the right food,  it just makes it so much better. That's why we want to bring to you our first in our series on our beer pairings for our beers. 

First in the line up is our Paradiso Citra IPA, the winner of 2022's Which Taste Test's Best Buy award. Sharp and bright bitterness at the end with hints of citrus notes make this a very sessionable beer. 

  • Snack pairing: Salt and vinegar crisps
  • Main meal pairing: Fish and chips with tartar sauce
  • Dessert pairing: Lemon drizzle cake

The citrusy and tropical flavours of Paradiso pair well with the tanginess of salt and vinegar crisps. If you're in the mood for a main meal, the bitterness of the IPA will complement the rich flavour of fish and chips, while the tartar sauce will provide a creamy contrast. Finally, for dessert, a tangy lemon drizzle cake will provide a tart and refreshing contrast to the bitterness of the beer. 

Check back for our next installment in this series.