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Nordic Brewers help raise the bar for AF beer

January 21, 2021

Nordic Brewers help raise the bar for AF beer

Alcohol-free brewer, Big Drop, has teamed up with four leading Nordic breweries to launch a limited-edition range of 0.5% abv collaboration brews.

The range is the second in Big Drop’s ‘World Collab Series’, curated with renowned beer expert, Melissa Cole, and a showcase for demonstrating the heights that alcohol-free craft beer has reached.

Nordic Collab Lineup

Big Drop is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of alcohol-free beers and its World Collab Series does this by only inviting leading breweries with a reputation for experimentation to participate. The resulting beers often make eyes widen, pique curiosity and bring a smile but, most importantly, they demonstrate to new communities of craft beers fans what’s possible with alcohol-free.

These were available from (18th January 2021), the four beers include: a Coconut Stout, an Elderflower IPA, a Juniper Rye IPA and - last but not least - a vegan-friendly Peach Melba Pastry Sour.

Big Drop & Einstök (Iceland): ‘Arctic Beach’ Coconut Stout

Appearance: Black as night A full-bodied, velvety treat. A blend of the creamy richness of dark chocolate, alongside the goodness of fresh lightly toasted coconut. A burst of roasted malts and subtle coconut flavour will transport your palate to a beachy paradise, whilst you’re snuggled on the sofa.

Big Drop & Hop Notch (Sweden): ‘Fläderlätt’ Elderflower IPA

Appearance: Pale Golden Refreshment delivered. This well-rounded Elderflower IPA delivers on both the nose and palate. Use of an experimental UK hop ‘Mozart’ generates a unique flavour profile with hints of bitter grapefruit, clean citrus, drawn together by a fresh, fruity elderflower twist.

Big Drop & Fat Lizard (Finland): ‘Rye’d Said Fred’ Juniper Rye IPA

Appearance: Golden A complex blend of flavours, most notably spiciness from the rye heavy mash. Subtle nutty herbal tones, intertwining with assertive, forward botanical notes of juniper. A rich toasty goodness, followed up with a fresh aromatic flourish and a bitter finish.

Big Drop & Amundsen (Norway): ‘Rush Rider’ Peach Melba Pastry Sour

Appearance: Pink champagne An elegant bouquet of vibrant deep raspberry candy with a sour twist. A delicate nose moves to deliver a gentle refreshing sharp bite, before exploding with an intense profile of fresh vanilla, fresh berries and peach pie. A naughty-treat in a can.

Rob Fink, founder and CEO of Big Drop, commented: “These are all world-class breweries with whom we’ve had great fun conjuring-up big-flavoured beers and brewing them naturally without the need for any artificial nonsense to remove the alcohol. The result isn’t just excellent tasting alcohol-free beer… it’s excellent beer that just happens to be alcohol-free. We’re all about innovation and hope that these special editions will bring the joy of new experiences to people who love great beer.” Melissa Cole added: “It’s always great to reach out to people all over the world to work together, you always learn things and it’s about expanding old relationships and building new ones, which is the best part about this industry, and to work with respected breweries like the partners on this project is a real privilege.”

Big Drop’s World Collab Series #2 contains 4 x 440ml cans and will be available from 18th January 2021.

Photo by Sergi Ferrete on Unsplash