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Subscription FAQs


What's the point of a subscription?

Ever wish you could just set up regular Big Drop deliveries, and save at the same time? Well our subscriptions are designed just for that. You choose the beers, the frequency of how often you want to receive your beers, and then sit back and relax while saving 15% on every order.

How often can I get them delivered?

You have the choice of every 2, 4, 6 or 8 weeks for deliveries when placing your initial order. However, you can freely change the frequency in your subscription account for further orders to be based on days, weeks, or months. You can see how in our management guide


What if I'm away or need to skip a shipment?

No problem, you can change delivery dates and skip orders all in your subscription account. We have made a handy how-to for managing your subscription available here. You can skip deliveries up to 6 months in advance.

What if I want to change the beer I subscribed to?

That's no problem either. You can switch your beers or add our non-subscription beers to a your next delivery as a onetime purchase. Just login to your account, go to "Subscriptions" and select the one you wish to change. You can find our guide here for swapping beers or adding them. 

Do I get any other benefits?

Most certainly. As a special benefit when you purchase a subscription for any beer, you will be moved into our Subscription tier in our Big Tribe Loyalty Programme. In this tier, you will earn 15 points instead of 5 for every £1 spent, and gain access to other discounts and goodies available to this tier only. You can then use those points for discounts on future orders. 

That all sounds great, but what if I don't want to continue my subscription?

We understand that, for some people, their subscriptions won't last forever. We do have a minimum of 3 orders before you can cancel; however, you can change your subscription at any time. You can change the beer, frequency, or delivery address. Also, if you want to add another item to your subscription as a onetime purchase, that is possible too. Subscriptions are very flexible and can be changed to suit whatever your needs are. 

I'm having issues with managing my subscription and want to make changes or cancel it?

If you ever need any help with your subscription, please email us at customersupport@bigdropbrew.com and we would be glad to assist you.