Try January Case 24 Alcohol Free Beers

A mixed case of alcohol-free beer - perfect for the new year.

Participating in Dry Jan? A sober champ? Or just someone who appreciates balance - we have got you covered!

The Big Drop Try January case offers you uncompromising choice and enjoyment for the whole of January!

24 brilliant alcohol-free beers.

The Big Drop Try January box comprises of 24 mouth watering flavours; Uptown Craft Lager, Pine Trail Pale Ale, Galactic Milk Stout, Paradiso IPA, Fieldhopper Golden Ale and Woodcutter Brown Ale.

Big Drop. Little Details.


Pine Trail - Pale Ale: Water, barley, wheat, lactose (milk), hops, yeast.

Uptown - Craft Lager: Water, barley, rye, wheat, hops, yeast, maltodextrin.

Paradiso - Citra IPA: Water, barley, wheat, lactose (milk), hops, yeast.

Galactic - Milk Stout: Water, barley, oats, rye, hops, yeast, lactose (milk), cocoa nibs.

Fieldhopper - Golden Ale: Water, barley, wheat, hops, yeast, maltodextrin

Woodcutter - Brown Ale: Water, barley, wheat, lactose (milk), hops, yeast

Allergens are listed in bold


Paradiso: Chinnook, Cascade, Simcoe, Citra and Columbus / Uptown: Hallertau Hersbrucker & Magnum / Pine Trail: Magnum, Mosaic & Amarillo / Galactic: Magnum / Fieldhopper: East Kent Goldings / Woodcutter: Magnum

Nutritional Information

Pine Trail - Pale Ale: Energy 78.9 kJ/18.5 kcal, Fat 0.2g (of which saturates <0.1g), Carbohydrates 3.7g (of which sugar 2.1g), Protein 0.3g, Salt <0.1g

Uptown - Craft Lager: Energy 50.5kJ/11.8kcal, Fat 0.1g (of which saturates <0.1g), Carbohydrates 2.3g - (of which sugar <0.1g), Protein 0.3g, Salt <0.1g

Paradiso - Citra IPA: Energy: 78.9 kJ/18.5 kcal, Fat 0.1g (of which saturates <0.1g), Carbohydrates 3.6g (of which sugar 2.0g), Protein 0.3g, Salt <0.1g

Galactic - Milk Stout: Energy 115.5kJ / 27.5kcal, Fat 0.3g (of which saturates <0.1g), Carbohydrates 6.7g (of which sugar 3.1g), Protein 0.6g, Salt <0.1g

Fieldhopper - Golden Ale: Energy 51.1kJ / 12.4kcal, Fat 0.3g (of which saturates 0.1g), Carbohydrates 1.2g (of which sugar 0.1g), Protein <0.5g, Salt 0.1g

Woodcutter - Brown Ale: Energy 92.2kJ / 22kcal, Fat 0.2g (of which saturates <0.1g),  Carbohydrates 4.9g (of which sugar 2.7g), Protein 0.2g, Salt <0.1g